Eversia has been made an ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), collaborating with programmes to save, protect and reconstruct the lives of millions of refugees and displaced persons around the world. UNHCR is an essential emergency fund that supplies aid within the first 72 hours when an emergency breaks out, immediately providing resources such as transport, transfers, and basic needs such as support, education, emergency equipment, healthcare, nutrition, water, protection and shelter.


We believe that our well-being is inherently linked to that of others.


As part of our contribution to alleviating food shortages in the most disadvantaged areas, every year Eversia’s staff and contractors hold a food collection, which is then given to the Region of Murcia’s Food Bank.


It is then distributed amongst more than 180 beneficiaries such as nursing homes, children’s homes, safe houses, soup kitchens, local councils, the Red Cross, the organisation Caritas Parroquiales and other volunteer groups.

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We develop workplace health and safety programmes that have benefited our workers 100%. Promoting the health and well-being of everyone who is a part of Eversia is a priority. The aim is to reduce workplace accidents and illnesses throughout our whole value chain. This project encompasses measures covering absenteeism, stress, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, workplace illnesses and staff’s commitment, amongst others. For this, we have implemented measures to improve staff’s health, such as rotating machine work; specific training in health and safety; workplace safety for pregnant women, for employees with a disability, or vulnerable groups; agreements with a physiotherapy clinic for recovery and improvement, etc.


We are collaborators of the GAVI program for childhood vaccination promoted by Obra Social La Caixa and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to facilitate access to improved sanitation in developing countries.


The training, achievement and motivation of our employees is key to their professional success, which is why we create annual training programmes for all our workers, with the sole aim of helping them develop their talent to the maximum. In the past year, staff have received more than 5,000 hours of training.


We collaborate by holding internships for students from professional training institutes, universities, and SEF and business school courses, bringing the reality of the business world to their training, and by educating young people and strengthening their technical knowledge. In 2020, more than 5,000 hours of internships were carried out at our company, some of which led to full employment afterwards.


At Eversia, women’s full and effective participation is an ongoing priority. There are equal opportunities in leadership at all levels, with women heading departments and projects, as well as being members of the Board of Directors. The percentage of women is 28% and increases every year. In 2012 the Equality Plan was implemented.


Our payment policy establishes salary levels linked to the position held at the organisation, regardless of gender, race, religion or other factors.

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Our water saving and management plan has reduced the amount consumed per kilo of product by 13% in the past year. We’ve conducted various tasks to achieve this goal, such as replacing cooling towers with high-performance cooling equipment and reducing the flow rate in showers and sinks.


Our alliance with the international Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) project arises from the plastic industry, with the aim of reducing the number of pellets lost into the environment. To achieve this, we have activated control, gathering and loss prevention measures for the raw material at our facilities.


At Eversia, we use affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy. One of our main milestones is our commitment to energy efficiency, and the use of 100% renewable energy in our processes.


Since 2017, we have achieved 4% energy savings in our production. To achieve this, measures were taken such as replacing luminaires with LED applications, incorporating low-consumption engines and electronic equipment, installing equipment to reduce NMVOC emissions and the incorporation of refrigeration equipment in the plant to improve the performance of the machinery.
This figure reflects the work undertaken by the company in the fight against climate change.


Generating real and inclusive labour opportunities is one of our highest principles. The company is committed to preventing all discrimination, whether due to race, gender, nationality, language, origins, personal beliefs, civil status or health, as well as the application of the principle of equal opportunities. We believe in equality and respect towards all people. We are fully against discrimination. In 2020, we have people from eleven nationalities working with us – a clear sign of integrity and diversity.


Our commitment to developing policies for equality is applied from recruitment to promotion, covering salary policy, training, employment conditions, workplace health, the Working Time Directive and the balance between work and family life.


Adherence to the program of the Columbares Association on the Management of Diversity in Companies with which it is intended to compile, analyze and produce a Manual of Good Practices of Diversity. Signatories of the “European Charter of Diversity”, of the Diversity Foundation, which seeks to promote inclusion and plurality in the workplace.

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Most of Eversia’s economic investment goes into R&D+i, with the aim of improving the technological capacity of our processes, and designing sustainable products. This includes biocompostable containers for waste collection, food quality paper, commercial bags and flexible packaging.


In the last 10 years, we have invested 30 million euros in becoming a sustainable industry. Investment in infrastructure, training teams and conditioning spaces is a constant priority at Eversia. Over the next 4 years, the creation of a new plant with technological innovations in renewable energy and maximum comfort workstations is planned.


We have grown in terms of integrating people with disabilities and special needs, who now make up 3% of our workforce. We consolidate our collaboration with associations for people with disabilities and other external bodies and from the third sector, made up of people with physical and psychological handicaps, who provide certain auxiliary services for our activity.


Equality policies have been adopted to provide equal labour opportunities to all workers, regardless of any individual characteristics. We also provide internship contracts to young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, promoting diversity at the company.


The alliance with the Cruz Roja España improves the Employability and Access to the Labor Market of people in social difficulty, for example, with active participation in professional orientation actions on the sector, visits to facilities to better understand the reality of work or actions professional training.


Designing containers for the collection of municipal waste. Collection and management models are changing fast, seeking more efficient and sustainable systems for the planet. We contribute by helping with this design, specifically with the vehicle that transports the waste so that it can then be treated.


Our biocompostable products are an example of packaging created to contribute to the sustainability of the community. OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification from TÜV AUSTRIA is conclusive proof of the product’s compostability.


Together with the Molina de Segura City Council, we participate in the CityAdaP3 Project, within the #LIFE European aid program, to improve adaptation to climate change in the urban environment through the implementation of local adaptation plans (PACES).

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The Circular Economy model is part of our DNA. We reduce, recycle and reuse waste and residue though prevention and recycling activities, such as managing our own recycling mill at our facilities, so that we can transform our own waste and residue into raw material, to be reincorporated into the production process.


Our products can be made with post-industrial or post-consumption recycled materials, or biocompostable raw materials. We work on our product designs to increase their subsequent recyclability. We want 80% of our production to be sustainable by 2025.


Every year, on the platform “Monitoring Recyclates for Europe” (MORE), we will declare the quantity of recycled material consumed and incorporated in the production of our recycled packaging solutions.


We work continuously to mitigate climate change with measures that help to reduce its effects. The Ministry for Ecological Transition has awarded us the Carbon Footprint Reduction Seal in recognition of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in our productive processes. In 2016, we obtained the Calculation Seal, and we are working to obtain the Offsetting Seal.

Some of the measures that led to us being awarded with this certification include using 100% renewable energy sources, controlling the consumption of diesel in vehicles to reduce their polluting impact, and continuous inspection of equipment that uses fluorinated gases to prevent leaks.


Adherence to the LIFE FOREST CO2 program to offset the emissions generated with local forest management.


We are committed to caring for the natural environment and the quality of the ocean floor. That’s why we endorse the international Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) project, which arises from the plastics industry, to reduce the loss of pellets into the environment.


Since 2019, we’ve been actively collaborating with the Fundación Legado Humano, gathering waste from beaches in the Region of Murcia.


Support for the Hippocampus Association whose objective is the study and conservation of the seahorse population in the Mar Menor, and specifically its Plumbum project in which cleanings of the seabed are carried out with the help of scuba diving equipment.

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Our paper products have PEFC and FSC certification, which guarantee that the raw material comes from sustainably managed forests.


These seals guarantee that the wood or products derived from it come from a forest that has been managed, assessed, and certified in accordance with certain social, economic and environmental criteria, defined by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).


Eversia has internally-governed regulations that act as the guiding principle for our activities, so that all of the company’s actions are carried out in strict compliance with current legislation. Employees and external contractors are obliged to care for, protect and defend the goods and resources that constitute the company’s assets.


We have a Workplace Harassment and Sexual Harassment Protocol, with the aim of generating a healthy, respectful workplace for all.


We are aligned with associations and institutions in the sector that ensure that the SDGs are achieved, working on regulations on sustainability, environmental awareness raising activities and corporate social responsibility. These include the Fundación Legado Humano, the Red Cross, UNCHR, etc.


Eversia has conducted more then 25 solidarity initiatives with third-sector institutions, establishing various agreements in collaboration with them, in different ways and amounts.


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