Flexible packaging
Made to measure
Optimized packaging to
cover all your needs

We’ve optimized the packaging design to give you the best solution:
  • Increasing the useful life of the product through its structure, barrier, active packaging, etc.


  • Including packaging functionalities: easy opening, use in microwaves, zip closing system, etc.


  • Enhancing their sustainability using biodegradable materials, optimizing materials and thickness, improving recyclability, etc.


  • Perfecting the final appearance: gloss, matt finish, high transparency etc.

The BRCGS standard is a food safety system developed by the British retail distribution sector that provides a protection, assurance and quality guide for the suppliers of food producers’ packaging materials.


Our flexible packaging products comply with the hygienic/sanitary requirements in place to prevent possible threats to the end consumer’s health. The aim is to achieve this through regular hygiene checks, preventing contamination and contact with dangerous substances, as indicated by the BRCGS standard, with which we are certified as compliant.


Our solution for automatic packaging provides users with improved handling and use of the container by removing the need for external elements for closure and being much cleaner.


It is an exclusive method for the packaging industry, as closure systems are incorporated into the reel, which facilitates industrial use by not requiring investment in equipment to develop new packing systems.

The ZIP ROLL system is available in "Front Zip" front closure and "Top Zip" top closure for automatic packing.

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