10 / 09 / 20

Responsibility on the bag: Our "Blue Angel" environmental certification was renewed

This accreditation, granted by the German institution RAL, has set high standards for the design of environmentally sound products for 40 years.


The “Blue Angel” seal certifies that at least 80% of the raw material with which these products are manufactured is recycled, post-consumption.  That is, at least 80% of the plastic is from the recycling chain and yellow bins. The products that have been certified are shopping bags and a range of waste collection bags.


This recycled material is converted into usable raw material by certified recyclers, which ensures that these recycled plastics are suitable for reuse in non-food products.


In short, the essence of the Circular Economy and one of our most important milestones is for 80% of our products to be sustainable by 2025.


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