24 / 09 / 21

DDIBIORESIN: developing new biopolymers

The role of Eversia in this European project will be to transform and evaluate the new biomaterials developed.

DDIBIORESIN is a new European project that was born with the aim of researching and developing new biopolymers for industrial applications based on rosin resins. Its success will mean a revolutionary breakthrough that will have a significant impact on the packaging market, as there are currently no similar products based on mixing rosin derivatives, starch and biodegradable polyester polymers.

The project consortium is composed of United Biopolymers and United Resins, who will act as material suppliers, as well as EVERSIA and TECNOPACKAGING, who will collaborate as bioplastics handlers. As part of the project, both companies will act as industrial end-users, receiving pellets from the materials developed. They will work on optimising them and on adapting manufacturing processes. The optimised materials will then be used to manufacture three final packaging products.  


EVERSIA’s objective is to develop a bioplastic film using rosin, which will be used to manufacture an ultra-lightweight bag for transporting fruit and vegetables in bulk. This bag will have improved mechanical properties such as increased resistance to tearing and greater weight bearing. In aesthetic terms, it will also be more transparent. 



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