10 / 09 / 20

Meet Chelo Romero, Quality and Environmental Director

She is clear on her goal: to continue being part of the sustained growth of the company, and transmitting its values, especially those related to respect for the environment.


Our Quality and Environmental Director is at the helm, daily, of one of the company’s most relevant, transversal and important departments. Consuelo Romero actively contributes to ensuring the sustainable and ecologically responsible nature of our products and facilities, recycling processes and internal regulations.


She also sits on the Board of Directors, which gives her “a comprehensive view of everything that is happening at the company, favouring the contribution of knowledge and proposals that are gradually interrelated with those of the rest of the team.”


The kind of department that you head is all the rage right now, at a business and social level, due to the stress upon environmental awareness that it symbolises. How is Quality and the Environment managed today?


Heading up this department involves seeing to and being aware of very critical and delicate aspects for both clients and for the environment. For example, ensuring exhaustive compliance with food safety regulations, supervising the quality of the products we provide our customers, etc.


We coordinate numerous processes, procedures and people on a daily basis to meet the demands of our customers and increase their satisfaction with the company. These are objectives that must be achieved within a legal framework of respect for the environment and people’s health as a priority.


 To what extent does the company’s overall strategy influence your department?


One of Eversia’s strategic lines is its focus on sustainability. At Quality and the Environment we are 100% committed to this strategy and to the production of environmentally friendly packaging. We are one of the leading companies in the packaging transformation sector, but we must go even further and make additional progress in our research and innovation in terms of sustainability, recyclability, biocompostable materials, etc.


At the same time, we focus many of our efforts on sustainability-related training and information for our customers, providing solutions that the market demands, and that accord with our respect for the environment. We also actively participate in communication campaigns for society, environmental awareness-raising activities, educational actions on waste management … In short, we try to do our small part for the environment.


Leading change related to sustainability is a responsibility. How do you face it?


Luckily for me, sustainability is part of the company’s strategy and shapes management decisions, so it is not difficult to secure collaboration. One can note a great change in the sensibility of employees, as well as across society. While ten years ago sustainability was something almost exclusive to environmental departments, or those designated as responsible for this issue, now it is something that all the members of the company are aware of in their day-to-day lives, and this is evident in our evolution as an environmentally responsible company.
Let’s talk about equal opportunities within the company …


At this time, equal opportunity for men and women is a reality at our company. Years ago, in the production processes, most of the workforce was male, but now we have increasing percentages of women every year, with them occupying the same positions of responsibility as men. I experience this reality every day in the department that I manage, in which 8 people work, 6 of them women.


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